Mommy Has A Tattoo tells the story of a little boy named James who is afraid of his heavily tattooed neighbor until he discovers that his own mother has a tattoo! The book celebrates tattooed mommies and daddies and their values. It also leverages their natural fascination with all-things-tattoo to get them to ENJOY reading!

“This is a great book​ for the little kids."*

Mommy Has A Tattoo has been featured in Skin & Ink Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, Tattoo Society, and Total Tattoo magazine, as well as The New York Daily News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, The Chicago Tribune, and many other nationwide news papers and radio morning talk-shows. After being available only in hardcover, in 2012 author/illustrator Phil Padwe re-drew the book for a trade paperback edition which is currently available worldwide on Amazon or wherever good books are sold.

“He requests the book now every night before bedtime. ”*


Mommy Has A Tattoo has also been translated and published overseas, and is available in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria as Mami Hat Ein Tattoo! In the United States the book is available on or by request at  your favorite bookstore. 


"Love this book and it has a great message in it!"*

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