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The number one book for today's tattooed families, and a LOT of fun at baby-showers! 

Mommy Has A Tattoo tells the story of James, a little boy who's afraid of his HEAVILY tattooed neighbor until he learns his mommy has a tattoo, too!


We believe tattooed families are every bit as tradtional and loving as non-tattooed families and think kids should see parents who look like their own in the books they're given to learn to read.


Because our characters are relatable our books make reading more fun and engaging for toddlers (AND parents)!

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Paperback (2012)

Hardcover (2006)

In 2006, Mommy Has Tattoos, LLC (publisher) released the hardcover, 1st edition (with dustjacket) of Mommy Has A Tattoo. It was the first children's book to feature tattooed characters; heavily tattooed characters; or tattooed parents! In 2007 it was translated into German and sold overseas in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland... but the original English version is the best ;-)

Sold largely by word-of-mouth, the book became an underground sensation and has been affectionately referred to as, "an a hipster classic." 


Mommy Has A Tattoo tells the story of a little boy named James, who is afraid of his new tattooed neighbor until he discovers that his Mommy has a tattoo, too! The book celebrates tattooed mommies and gently teaches lessons of acceptance and overcoming irrational fears.