Our simple belief back in 2005 was that our kids should see parents who look like theirs in the books they're learning to read from. It makes reading more relatable for toddlers and therefore more fun and enjoyable. Teaching a love of reading, in part by making it fun, provides lifelong advantages! 

Originally published on Halloween in 2006 Mommy Has A Tattoo sold out in hardcover (7k copies) and then in paperback, and was warmly received and well reviewed by both the mainstream press and Tattoo Industry magazines. 


Mommy Has A Tatoo was translated into German and sold overseas in Switzerland, Austria and Germany as "Mami hat ein Tattoo!" Our lone author/illustrator appeared on LA Ink to publicize the book internationally and did dozens of tattoo conventions in support where we met many amazing people and parents!

In 2014 our author/illustrator and DIY businessy-person Phil Padwe packed up with his wife and moved to England for two years to independently study the Old Masters. At that time operations largely ceased and the books went out of print in the USA. After much deliberation we've decided to leave them out of print for now...


Thank you for over a decade of rewarding and entertaining correspondence from young readers and school teachers, new parents, and of course... all the toddlers who sent us their drawings and said it was their favorite book. That meant the most.

Maybe we'll be back with a grandma book one day but in the meantime, thanks so much for the memories! Visit us on Facebook where we've got 40,000+ likeminded people on a page we set up for you. 

Much love,

Phil Padwe (2018)